Motoracing Odds: Which bookie to choose?

Throughout the year there are several motorcycle competitions in different parts of the world, especially in the UK. There are several categories that are very interesting to see and make bets, but not all are available in most bookies. The most important competitions, obviously are the motocross world championship in different categories and the full season of MOTOGP.

The motor racing odds for those competitions and seasons mentioned above are available in most UK bookies, especially at Ladbrokes or Bet365, but also at Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, William Hill, Betfair and other online bookmakers. All bookies strive to offer the best odds, but there are differences between them.

Take the seasons

Most seasons begin in March, on that same date almost all bookies start offering odds for motorcycle championships (Moto GP, Moto 2, Moto 3, Speedway, …) in their different categories. In addition, a few weeks before any motorcycle race, punters can get the future odds. Each bookie has a limited number of options for motorcycle competitions, but generally, they all offer the same races as there are not many at the professional level.

The most interesting bets in motorbike racing

The betting options for motorcycle races are not as wide as in other sports, but the odds are equally lucrative, this is due to the high competitiveness that exists between the racers and the sponsoring teams. Inside the bookies you can find limited options, they will be similar, but there will be a difference between the odds. The best thing that the punter can do is to choose the options that he likes with the best odds. Among the most attractive options are:

Final Winner (Outright Betting Winner)

It is the main betting option among the bookies, it is practically the only one that exists. The punters have the opportunity to choose who will be the winner of the race (or season), is a kind of future bet, this option is usually available in advance so that the punters have enough time to do their analysis.

Top 6 & Top 3

It's a bet option available only on Exchanges like Betfair, it's a bit safer than picking the winner of the race. The punter must choose which rider will be among the top 3 or top 6 of the MOTOGP world championship or any other motorcycle championship.

Actually betting options on motorcycle races are not so many, but all motorbike bets can also be combined into accumulators with other sports.

Where are the best odds for Moto Racing

The best motorcycle racing odds are in the bookies that have the most motorcycle races available. Some bookies only offer one motorcycle race a week or every 20 days, while other bookmakers in UK have 3-5 motorcycle races at the same time throughout the month.


This bookmaker takes the first place, it is the bookie with the most races available, the market options is a single as in all other bookies, but the bettors have the possibility to bet on more motorcycle races in one single place.


Ladbrokes is a first bookmaker in the UK, as they own thousands of shop in every corner of the country. In terms of racing odds, the odd quality is one of the best and they offer a free bet if you sign-up with the Ladbrokes promo code G30.

Paddy Power

The paddy power motorcycle races are similar to Bet365, they have several races available for the month. The only difference is that they are not separated by categories as in Bet365, it is somewhat confusing at first to know what are motorcycle races.

William Hill

In WH motorcycle races are not many, just 1 or 2 during the month, selected by the operator for punters. The prices of odds for the motorcycle races in William Hill are lucrative and deserve to be taken into account.

In WH motorcycle races are not many, just 1 or 2 during the month, selected by the operator for punters. The prices of odds for the motorcycle races in William Hill are lucrative and deserve to be taken into account (con este sito)


In spite of being an exchange, Betfair has a greater advantage over the other bookies in UK by the amount of options that offers to make bets in the motorcycle races. The different options, Top 3 and Top 6, can be found in the Exchange section of the operator, in these options you can find two types of bets: LAY and BACK.