Motocross races list in the uk

Some of the most important races and competitions in the world of motocross take place in the United Kingdom. All the championships have team and individual stages. The season begins at the beginning of the year and ends in mid-September, everything will depend on how the results are happening throughout the competition season.

All those motocross races are lucrative, as long as a careful study is done on the statistics and numbers of the riders and their teams. You have to be very aware of the development of the season to get an idea of what the best races are.

Among the most important races in the UK are:


It is a championship that begins in April almost every year, and it is 9 rounds or races where several teams participate. It is a championship closely followed by the most important teams in the world to find talents and new motocross riders. The top 30 riders qualify for the next year's championship, as well as new riders and teams that want to participate in the next edition of the competition.


The best 30 MX1 MX2 racers are entitled to participate in this superclass championship, they can participate with any type of bike, regardless of engine capacity. It starts in March and ends in April.


It is a series of championship races for riders over 9 years, with a limit of age of 15 years old. The allowed bikes will have a maximum of 150 hp. All young competitors must have their parents' permission and all necessary legal documents. Competition begins in March and ends in May.


It is the international version of the MX1 MX2, several teams from Holland, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Denmark, Czech Rep, Italy and Russia participate. Also participating are women and there is an OPEN version for any amateur or professional age. The MX2 starts in June and ends in September, the MX1 starts in May and ends in September. This international competition has been made since 2010.


For the champions of MX1 MX2 is not allowed to participate because of the short experience in the big tournaments, but some exceptions are made. Competitors must be over 40 years of age. Competition starts in April and ends in September.


The minimum age is 13, only local competitors, international riders are not allowed. The race starts in April and ends in September.


It is a championship that is disputed from 2016 and will soon turn 10 years old. Several international teams can compete against local teams. Local winners may aspire to become members of the national sidecar team in the UK.


It is a competition only for seniors and experts, they will be the only ones eligible to enter the competition. Only individual races are allowed and not by teams, the top 20 riders from the previous season can participate directly in the next year.

All these races and championships mentioned above are endorsed and authorized by the Amateur MotorCycle Association (AMCA), is one of the oldest motocross associations in the world.

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