Dirt Bike Tips for Beginners

If you are a newbie in dirt biking, here are some tips that will be useful for a start.

What’s the Best Dirt Bike for a Novice

A lot of inexperienced dirt bikers would often make the mistake of buying a bigger and more powerful dirt bike than they can handle. Some would even go for a 450cc motorcycle which is a professional one and highly not recommended for beginners. First of all, it is cumbersome, and it will make your first ride an exhausting experience. Then it will be hard to balance with it when you have to overcome different obstacles. So, it is much better to buy a 250cc dirt bike. It will be easy to manage and will bring you the joy of taking up your new hobby.

What do I Need before I Endeavor to Ride a Dirt Bike

The essential equipment for dirt biking without which you shouldn't get on the bike is a helmet and boots. Since they are crucial for ensuring your safety, you should pick them wisely. There are two things you shouldn’t do when choosing what helmet and boots to buy:

  • Don't buy a cheap helmet. $100 is not enough for a good helmet. The cheap ones don't provide the necessary ventilation. Furthermore, they won't protect your head in case you fall.
  • Don’t buy cheap boots. Offers of $100-boots are not good deals. The inexpensive boots will not protect your feet and legs. This protection is essential when riding a dirt bike as most of the injured bones are usually situated there. $200 is a far more reasonable price for boots. Another useful tip considering boots is to buy the same size as the size of shoes you wear.

Is Dirt Biking Similar to Riding a Bike?

Another mistake of a newbie in dirt biking is that they think it resembles riding a bike. However, there are some essential differences regarding the posture of the body and the seating position. Here are some useful tips that will help you balance and control the dirt bike at the beginning:

  • Use the power of your legs to control the bike. You can do this by squeezing it with your knees.
  • Try to sit forward on the bike, not at the back;
  • Transfer the weight of your body to the feet and sit a bit up with a straight back;
  • To be in control of the bike, keep your elbows away from your body;

How to Practice before I Go on the Dirt Road?

Before you take the bike to the dirt road, it’s a good idea to practice with the bike switched off. Spend some 15 minutes on trying to shift the gears. You should get comfortable with the clutch until you feel shifting gears like second nature so that you will be able to change gears without looking at your feet. This will ensure that you will have fewer crashes. You should also get used to using the brake.

If you follow these tips, you are likely to have a successful new experience.